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  • Mae'r tîm @PrifysgolBangor a @PrifysgolAbertawe yn bwriadu cynnal rhagor o waith gyda'r sector morol Cymru mewn project newydd SEACAMS2.


The SEACAMS team can provide expertise in catchment processes including integrated management, soil and land degradation and erosion, and river processes. We can:

  • help improve estuarine health by improving land management and by suggesting management plans.
  • examine the geomorphic implications of sea level rise.
  • examine changes to estuarine processes and morphology.
  • help with the planning of coastal developments and tourism and leisure activities.
  • measure sediment transport and examine erosion processes.
  • conduct flood risk assessments.
  • help with rehabilitation and remediation.

We are not limited to these research areas so please get in contact with us if you’d like to know more about our capabilities.

We can provide:

  • instrumentation for conducting catchment and coastal survey work.
  • expertise to help you develop management, rehabilitation and remediation strategies.
  • knowledge and expertise to examine catchment and coastal change processes such as sea level rise and coastal erosion.