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People Planet Profit

Make sure your business is able to compete in these challenging times by developing your business sustainably. Our team will assist you in the process allowing you to tap into our expertise in environmentally and socially responsible business development; see how we can help you by visiting this page, or you can find out exactly what our team can offer by visiting the SBBS (Synnwyr Busnes Business Sense) website

Why are we doing this?

Sustainable Development is a hot topic. More and more businesses are realising they need to find out what it means to them. Big brands recognise the importance of global and local sustainability, plus they realise the benefits of telling customers how socially and environmentally responsible they are.

But it’s not just about the big players. Whatever the size of your enterprise, sustainability is key to your success. The SEACAMS funders want you to be able to tap into the benefits and opportunities too, so they need us to improve our engagement with some major themes: environmental management, equality and diversity and the Welsh language.


But isn’t sustainability just recycling?

No, but recycling can reduce your costs and we’d love you to carry on doing it. Running your business sustainably means giving balanced consideration to money matters, staff, community, and the environment. Sustainable businesses are built to last.


But I don’t know what you mean...

Don’t worry, Bangor University’s specialist sustainable development team Synnwyr Busnes Business Sense (SBBS) will help you. SBBS have wide experience of helping business and industry integrate sustainable development quickly and easily into businesses in ways that that go beyond box ticking to measurable improvements and cash savings.


What’s in it for me?

SBBS has helped hundreds of businesses like yours save real cash plus rapidly improve business fitness. Sustainability sells; real benefits include stable supply chains, unique selling points, success in winning new contracts, risk reduction, willing and hard working staff, respect and recommendation from your community, and customers that love to buy from you.


What do I need to do?

If you are a business collaborating with SEACAMS, you will be  given a username and password to enable you  to access our short, thought-provoking and confidential People Planet Profit HealthCheck.


What happens then?

Your results will be analysed and a member of the SBBS team allocated to SEACAMS will contact you. There will be some fairly minor things that are the bare minimum to comply with the needs of the project but if you wish we can offer further assistance to help you get fitter for business in a sustainable way.


What if I need more help?

Contact the SBBS team now, we will help you find the answers to develop your enterprise sustainably. We want to make sure that you have access to top level support, just like the big players. We can help with all your sustainable enterprise development needs, for example writing strategies, improving environmental management, carbon footprinting, waste management, sustainable buildings, embedding equality & diversity or helping you gain more from using the Welsh language.


Did you know…

...within 15 years, a third of workers will be over 50 ‘Embracing older workers’ skills is therefore a priority... we cannot afford to lose the talent, skills and experience of older workers. If this happens, business will be less well placed to capitalise on the recovery when it comes’.

 Guidance for SMEs, Equality and Human Rights Commission

...most people who want to see more Welsh used by businesses cannot speak any Welsh themselves Bilingual service is recognised as a mark of quality in Wales, attracts new customers and increases customer loyalty. It need not be difficult or expensive: a small investment now will contribute to the future success of your business.

Advice for Businesses, Welsh Language Board

...over two-thirds of water use in the average office takes place in the washroom Substantial savings can often be made, for example a 5 mm stream of water from a dripping hot tap wastes 528 000 litres (528 m3) water per year, costing around £700 of hard won profit.

Envirowise ‘Green Officiency: running a cost-effective, environmentally aware office’


Get in touch…

Welsh Institute for Natural Resources
Bangor University
LL57 2UW

01248 382346

accessible version available at:


Comments and Feedback

James Dyer, February 2015

Finance & Office Coordinator, Marine Energy Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire

“Thanks for the logos, they’ll be great on our website and promotional material! We’re delighted to be affiliated with such a positive program, thanks for all your help and guidance in achieving this CharterMark.”


Andrew Mearns Spragg, February 2015

Founder, CEO, Jellagen Pty Ltd, Pembrokeshire

“Many thanks again for your support and guidance on helping Jellagen achieve its Sustainable Development Charter Mark.  We value the opportunity that the use of this SBBS Mark will give the company and are delighted to incorporate this on to our website and other promo material.”


Chris Corcoran, September 2013

Marine Surveyor, Small Ship Management Ltd, Carmarthen

Small Ship Management Ltd. are marine surveyors who undertake pre-insurance condition surveys on small vessels around the Welsh coast. They also conduct Inspections on Small Commercial Vessels for their Workboat Certificates. The Company has been environmentally aware for some years, but the Welsh Government's Sustainable Development Charter was welcomed as providing a disciplined focus on these important issues. In addition, the award of the Charter Mark ensured independent advice about, and assessment of, the Company's efforts. Small Ship Management Ltd's work brings the Surveyor into a close working relationship with fishermen, trip boats and harbour authorities. Pollution at sea and over-fishing are problems which are largely unseen by people ashore. In recent years there has been much more legislation to control these issues than is generally recognised. The Company is often able to advise operators of ways of complying with such regulations or to point them in the direction of appropriate help. The Company's ethos is to assist operators to comply, rather than just pointing out what is not allowed, as some enforcement agencies may do. In our small way we try to contribute to sustainable development where it should have the greatest impact.



David Lea-Wilson, Director of Anglesey Sea Salt states that:

Over the past five years they have formalised their sustainability policies, which were the first step to improving many practices. This has led to measurable changes ranging from using solar panels, titanium heat exchangers and low energy bulbs. Last year to maintain momentum Anglesey Sea Salt changed from using tubes to hold sea salt to pouches and header cards. As a result there was a saving in CO2 and weight, and recycling is straightforward. "The saving in weight alone means that the company has saved on carriage costs which has helped to offset fuel increases by carriers. Another benefit is that the company could get their second run of 100,000 pouches from the UK instead of India and the header cards are now printed on recycled card by a Welsh printer. Sustainability has ticked a lot of boxes.”

June 2013



"Since taking part in SEACAMS, we have taken the Business Sustainability Healthcheck from SBBS which has helped us recognise as a company areas in which we could improve, specifically sustainability. It has certainly been worthwhile and of benefit to our business. Swansea Watersports are currently submitting some grant applications and taking part in the healthcheck is likely to contribute towards their successful award."

Claire, Swansea Watersports

December 2011



"Thank you for your feedback on our 'People Planet Profit' business healthcheck, which is much appreciated. Your feedback has encouraged us to proceed with signing up for the Sustainable Development Charter and I am pleased to say that, with your help we have now been accepted onto the network."

Chris Corcoran, September 2011

Marine Surve

yor, Small Ship Management Ltd, Carmarthen