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The SEACAMS Environmental Quality team are specialists in the areas of pollution, ecosystem health and environmental impact assessments. We have expertise in a range of areas and a few of our previous studies include:

  • assessing the impact of human biological waste on enclosed marine areas;
  • determining the causes of corrosion to the hull of vessels in Swansea marina;
  • examining pathogens in the marine environment.

To help you, we can analyse:

  • water quality, including nutrient loading;
  • sediments;
  • plant and animal tissues


  • metal contamination;
  • persistent organic pollutants;
  • endocrine disrupters from pharmaceuticals;
  • bacterial and viral pathogens.

Additionally we can help you with:

  • environmental impact assessments for renewable energy developments or other installations needing environmental approval;
  • siting and assessment of outfalls, discharge monitoring and storm water management;
  • beach assessment for blue flag status.

We are not limited to these research areas so please get in contact with us if you’d like to know more about our capabilities.


SEACAMS held a FREE workshop covering the topic in Conwy in February 2013. Click here for more information.