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  • Mae'r tîm @PrifysgolBangor a @PrifysgolAbertawe yn bwriadu cynnal rhagor o waith gyda'r sector morol Cymru mewn project newydd SEACAMS2.


The coastal zone management team deal with the impact of increasing pressures from human activities on the coastal and marine environment. This team have been involved in projects to:

  • develop sea defences which encourage habitat development.
  • develop dredging equipment to reduce damage to the seabed.
  • explore the feasibility, and impact, of generating energy from the Menai Strait.

We can:

  • explore the impacts due to offshore renewable industries, shipping activities, discharges from estuaries, coastal development and sea defences. 
  • examine the implications of developments in the vicinity of habitats associated with species of conservation importance. 
  • provide ecological survey and modelling capability with a strong emphasis on spatial analysis.
  • quantify ecosystem processes.
  • conduct experiments in the marine environment to understand the relationship between impact and response.
  • perform underwater digital still and video imaging experiments to assess the underwater environment.
  • carry out acoustic surveys to map the seabed.
  • conduct grab, dredge and trawl sampling to examine marine life on the seabed.