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  • Mae'r tîm @PrifysgolBangor a @PrifysgolAbertawe yn bwriadu cynnal rhagor o waith gyda'r sector morol Cymru mewn project newydd SEACAMS2.

Slide 1 Bathymetry of part of the Menai Strait from a multibeam survey on the Macoma.



Within SEACAMS we have a team of geological oceanographers who have the expertise and knowledge base to assess the seabed and coastal environments. Previous projects conducted by this group include:

We can:

  • do grab and core sampling;
  • perform particle size analysis;
  • calculate moisture, organic and carbonate content, density and void ratio shear strength, and atterber limits and permeability;
  • conduct geophysical surveys on a variety of boats, using acoustic equipment such as multibeam swath bathymetry, to look at objects or formations on or under the seafloor.

We are not limited to these research areas so please get in contact with us if you’d like to know more about our capabilities.