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Specification & Concept Generation

SEACAMS engineering expertise can help your company solve its engineering problems; every design starts with a statement of need, often called the design brief from which the (Product Design Specification) PDS is formulated.

Once established the PDS acts as a cloak that envelops all subsequent stages of design and acts as the control for all associated design activity. Concept generation can then be carried out within the confines of the PDS and applied to all subsequent stages of the core design activity until the final optimised design solution is successfully achieved.

3D Design & Analysis

For any commercial company the efficient design and engineering of its products is vital in order to remain competitive within a modern business environment.

SEACAMS can offer businesses unrivalled access to the engineering expertise at Swansea University where the company’s products or needs can be designed, analysed and optimised within a virtual environment using the most up to date, professional, 3D Computer Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis software.

Prototyping & Engineering Drawing

In addition to product design, SEACAMS can also offer prototype development and testing, accessing the unrivalled technical expertise and testing facilities that are now available for use.

At the conclusion of the Design, Analysis and Development process, SEACAMS can deliver professional engineering production drawings drafted to BS 8888; not only does this professionally document the product, but it also provides companies with the ability to manufacture their products commercially.