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The Derbent: WW1 cargo ship torpedoed off Point Lynas in 1917.


SEACAMS contact: Ronan Roche



The multibeam can find wrecks and produce 3D images of them. Using their charted positions we have been able to target areas to survey and generate a host of interesting 3D wreck images. One such example is the Derbent, which was sunk during WW1 off Point Lynas. Using the multibeam we have been able to image the Derbent, showing the wreck is lying on its side on the sea floor (see image above). We have also identified several previously unknown wrecks off the Welsh coast. This information is of great use to local dive companies who have previously been unable to locate wrecks which are not at their charted position.

Dive reef

The concept of creating an artificial dive reef at an appropriate location off the western coast of Anglesey is currently being examined through a collaborative project involving SEACAMS, the local authority and an environmental consultancy.  Preliminary investigations have been undertaken in order to obtain detailed bathymetric data from a potential site and also in order to better understand the impact of wrecks on the seafloor in terms of sediment dynamics.  Numerous shipwrecks at various locations have been surveyed around the coast of Anglesey and it is clear that the degree of impact these have on the surrounding seafloor can be significantly different depending on their size, orientation, surrounding sediment and physical conditions.  This work has applications not only in the creation of artificial dive reefs but also in the development and siting of other marine based infrastructure projects including  wind and tidal turbine devices. 

About the multibeam

Business offer

If you would like to know more about any of our multibeam opportunities please email us or phone us on 0845 519 9029.

All our data will be made available to SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in convergence Wales through the SEACAMS Data Products page on our website. The development of this page is in progress however, so to find out if we have any data you may be interested in or if you would like us to survey a particular area get in contact with us.