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The National Trust is exploring the possibility of heating Plas Newydd using a marine source heat pump. SEACAMS has been helping them to determine the impact of this idea.

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Bathymetry (sea floor maps) of part of the Menai Strait from a multibeam survey on the Macoma.

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SEACAMS contact: Mike Roberts

Knowing what’s beneath the sea surface is important for marine renewable energy developments. SEACAMS has been mapping areas of interest off the Welsh coastline.

National Trusts’ Plas Newydd

The National Trust is planning a marine energy heat pump for their Plas Newydd property on Anglesey. The Trust approached SEACAMS to help with this idea, to extract heat energy from the water flowing through the Menai Strait. As part of the project, SEACAMS has been collecting a variety of data from the Menai Strait, including multibeam bathymetry and current speed data. This will inform the Trust about the marine environment but will also help SEACAMS’ numerical modellers who will be recreating the flow through the Menai Strait using computers, to see what will happen in the environment when a heat pump is in place. To read more about this project see our Plas Newydd case study.

Other marine energy projects

Several sites have been proposed as suitable for marine renewable energy projects off the Isle of Anglesey. The multibeam system has been used here to identify the location of sandbanks and other features which will inform numerical models of the region and aid in scientific research into the effect these technologies will have on sediment transport and other processes.

About the multibeam

Business offer

If you would like to know more about any of our multibeam opportunities please email us or phone us on 0845 519 9029.

All our data will be made available to SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in convergence Wales through the SEACAMS Data Products page on our website. The development of this page is in progress however, so to find out if we have any data you may be interested in or if you would like us to survey a particular area get in contact with us.