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  • Mae'r tîm @PrifysgolBangor a @PrifysgolAbertawe yn bwriadu cynnal rhagor o waith gyda'r sector morol Cymru mewn project newydd SEACAMS2.

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Ripples and mega-ripples

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Sea floor map, Strumble Head

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Bathymetry of part of the Menai Strait from a multibeam survey on the Macoma.

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SEACAMS contact: Mike Roberts


The underwater environment is a mysterious place.  Rarely is it possible to visualise marine landscapes hidden beneath the waves. But a new sonar system, the Reson SeaBat 7125 SV2 dual frequency multibeam, owned by SEACAMS allows us to do just that. Our multibeam system, fixed to the hull RV Prince Madog or a companion system, the Reson Seabat 7101 mounted on Bangor University’s smaller vessel, the Macoma, sends out acoustic signals to the sea bed, records how long it takes for the signal to return and calculates the depth that it coincides with. The image above shows the bathymetry (a sea bed map) of a part of the Menai Strait using data collected on the Macoma. There are a host of applications for the multibeam data, a few of which you can read about by clicking on the links below:

Marine renewable energy: site feasibility

Wrecks: Exploration and siting

Fly-through video and seascapes


Business offer

If you would like to know more about any of our multibeam opportunities please email us or phone us on 0845 519 9029.

All our data will be made available to SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in convergence Wales through the SEACAMS Data Products page on our website. The development of this page is in progress however, so to find out if we have any data you may be interested in or if you would like us to survey a particular area get in contact with us.