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Developing Scientific Content for Gower National Trust

SEACAMS contact: A.Mendzil


As part of the SEACAMS project, the Catchment and Coastal Processes Team have developed a scientific and informative report based on four coastal National Trust owned sites within Gower. Swansea’s Catchment and Coastal Processes Team completed the report named ‘Development of scientific content for National Trust (Wales) on four Gower locations, October 2011'.

The report was undertaken and prepared for Ms Siân Musgrave, Head Warden of Gower of the National Trust Wales. The National Trust requested a document outlining interesting scientific content, written in a publically accessible format, for four coastal locations owned, managed and protected by the National Trust Wales. The four researched sites were; South Gower Coast, Rhossili, Whiteford Burrows and Llanrhidian Marsh.

The report spanned a wide breadth of numerous disciplines for each area including; Location, Conservation Status, Geological Background, Landscape and Seascape, Flora and Fauna, History, Heritage and Culture, Tourism, Leisure and Recreation and Special Features. The report is intended for future use by the National Trust to develop and expand their existing website pages with publically accessible information that is scientifically interesting, which to date, has not been developed on these key coastal locations.

The document will have a dual function of ensuring that the public are aware of the National Trust responsibilities and management of these key sites, whilst also allowing them to be searched online, creating publicity and opportunities for tourism. Eventually, the National Trust hope to develop the content of this report and complement it with some newly defined heritage trails along the Gower coast and disseminate the information via information boards along the coastal path and via a smart phone tagging system at selected locations. This will hope to attract visitors and tourists to the coastal areas of South Wales.