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  • Mae'r tîm @PrifysgolBangor a @PrifysgolAbertawe yn bwriadu cynnal rhagor o waith gyda'r sector morol Cymru mewn project newydd SEACAMS2.


have a range of oceanographic field equipment to measure and assess environmental conditions.

  • Measurement of currents, waves, temperature, salinity, nutrients, sediment concentrations in the water column and particle size can be conducted by SEACAMS using various specific sensors.

  • Marine flora and fauna can be sampled by various standard sampling gears that are available i.e. various grabs types, beam and otter trawls, cameras and acoustic equipment

  • Biological activity in the water column can be measured using plankton nets and fluorometry equipment.
  • The seafloor can be mapped using our multibeam system mounted on the RV Prince Madog or the Macoma. We also have other acoustic equipment for finding out what is under the sea floor.